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Warszawa Is the capital and largest city of Poland with around 2 Million residents ...
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TOP 5 Warsaw

TOP 5 Warsaw

Oto 5 najbardziej rozpozanwalnych przestrzeni coworkingowych w Warszawie. Jeśli jesteś freelancerem lub przedsiębiorcą w Warszawie i ciężko pracujesz w domu - te przestrzenie coworkingowe oferują wspaniałe miejsce do pracy.

Czy coworking jest modelem pracy przyszłości?

Czy coworking jest modelem pracy przyszłości?

Coworking to coś więcej niż moda - to bardzo prężnie rozwijający się biznes. W samej Warszawie znaleźć można już ponad 100 lokalizacji oferujących powierzchnie coworkingowe.


Two formaer Zap group executives launched a platform for comparing coworking spaces

Two former Zap group executives created a new platform called SPACING, which focuses on co-working spaces. The website provides information about hundreds of co-working spaces in various cities throughout Israel, including the services offered by the complex, location, access routes, pictures and even nearby restaurants

The Marker

Zap's veterans new venture: a comparison web browser for co-working spaces

Eitan singer and Hagay Albo's website - Spacing, provides a price comparison service between all work spaces, and enables private companies to offer available space in their offices for rent, "we'll do to office rental market what we did to the cellular market and mobile computers, which led to a 25% drop in prices".


We will be the AirBNB for coworking spaces

Need a co-working space like WeWork? There is no need anymore to run around to see compounds and compare prices and conditions. A new website called Spacing will compare all shared workplaces in Israel.


We will be the AirBNB for coworking spaces

No longer need to run around: two Zap veterans established a web portal called SPACING, which will compare all the co-working places in Israel and will be able to compare conditions and prices according to dozens of criteria, including showers and if allowed to bring the dog